May 10, 2013

buriburi san

last few days something had happened and it had shocked the hell out of me. one night, right on 3am, she whatsapp-ed me asking me what had actually happened few months back. i told her the exactly same like what ive been facing back in time.

and yah, she told me - "all this while i just decided to keep observing but tonight i can conclude one thing. and it is......."

i just feel so grateful because who knows this would happen to me and and it has proved that we didnt have to brag or to spread bad things about other people, by hook or by crook (if we are in the right side), God will show to the world of ones true colour.

kesabaran ku berbalas. syukur Alhamdulillah.

heyhey 9 days to gooo. tak zabar nak go out from this country for a week. wiwiwiwiwi. okay my excitedness telah buat aku plan another 2 or 3 trips for next year. hell yeah! hopefully He will grants all my wishes lah.

tapi yang penting, China, here i comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;) aku bukan lah blog freak yang nak updates all my pictures here ke apa ke BUT I WILL BE ONE, really soon hahahahahaha.

aku tak blog freak dalam cara post gambar. tapi aku blog freak dengan cara aku sendiri. muahahahaha

hi love, thank you for being with me during my ups and downs. kita buat hal kita hokeh jangan bother abt other people sebab sometimes orang yang paling baik dengan kita tulah yang akan tikam kita dari belakang. just beware hihuhihu. May and June will be a tiring months for me. hoish.

nak buat life updates umm takde apa pun nak updates, hari-hariku dilalui dengan tenang, Alhamdulillah..

okaylah. till the next updates yawww

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